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SAN FRANCISCO, CA | MARCH 12, 2013 PATHWRANGLER has been selected by Outside, America’s leading multimedia active-lifestyle brand, as a recipient of its second annual Active Travel Awards.  PathWrangler was honored as an Honoree. The full list of award winners will be published in the April issue of Outside magazine, available on newsstands March 12, 2013, and at Outside Online.

To select this year’s awards, Outside tapped our global network of correspondents, who spent months on the road traveling from the Philippines to Switzerland to Namibia and then some, to report a definitive roundup of the best new adventures, secret paradises, mountain epics, stunning beaches, airline deals, gorgeous islands, and more. The result is 42 fresh trips that we guarantee will change your life, plus smart travel strategies, the best travel gear, and five exciting new frontiers.

PathWrangler is proud to be awarded honoree of Outside Strategies to “Plug-In.”  With all these beautiful destinations and incredible activities to do, PathWrangler is the tool that brings it all together and makes these dream trips a reality. 

Outside magazine has long been one of the world’s most trusted advisors for active and adventurous travelers,” says Outside Editor Christopher Keyes. “In addition to truly award-worthy destinations and travel providers, this year we unearthed a handful of amazing new frontiers in active travel. Our annual edit franchise honors the year’s best trips, hotels, lodges, luggage, islands, and new destinations that will be an invaluable travel resource for years to come.”

Simply put, PathWrangler makes creating experiences and telling those stories easier than ever before.  Planning an adventure trip or an outdoor excursion is like herding cats. It is maddening to get everyone and everything prepared. Our web app brings the conversation together in an interactive place designed specifically for adventure and outdoor enthusiasts to dream and organize their trip together, and then share their stories after.  Over 100 Tour Operators, Outdoor Clubs and Outdoor Wilderness Programs and thousands of outdoor enthusiasts are using PathWrangler to run better trips and share them with their friends.

In celebration of the Outside Active Travel Awards, PathWrangler is offering its award-winning product for free in preparation for a new premium rollout in the upcoming months.  That means unlimited trips and users for any individuals or business that sign-up now.  Please sign-up here to take advantage of this offer.  Please contact us at if you’d like any help in getting you or your organization started.

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About Outside

Outside is America’s leading active lifestyle brand. For more than 35 years, Outside has covered travel, sports, adventure, health, and fitness, as well as the personalities, the environment, and the style and culture of the world Outside. The Outside family includes Outside magazine, the only magazine to win three consecutive National Magazine Awards for General Excellence, The Outside Buyer’s Guides, Outside Online, Outside Television, Outside Events, Outside+ tablet edition, and Outside Books. Visit us on and

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Share Your Adventure with the World

A year ago, we created the first way to build your own adventures and organize them with your friends, clients and associates in one, central, integrated place on a map.  Six months ago, we built a way for everyone to tell their own stories and share photos with each other.  After doing this, we made all kinds of enhancements to the product that made doing all of these things easier and better.

Today, we’re pleased to announce that you can now publish your trips, as well as your individual stories with the public.  We’ve integrated with Facebook so you can easily publish them to your friends and family.

Screen Shot 2013-01-24 at 10.01.37 AM Your PathWrangler Story on Facebook

Benefits to You

PathWrangler is now almost seamless.  We can’t create the ideas for you, but once you get an adventurous idea, you can build it, invite others, organize together, share your experiences as they happen and then share them with the world.

For the Traveler: it is the best way to organize and journal your trip.  We make it easier to store your memories.

For Trip Organizers: not only is the the best way to organize the many trips that you run, but it helps you to get business.  As your clients/members share their trips with their friends, it is a way to get those crucial testimonials and word of mouth referrals naturally.

Share Your Trips Today

Start building and sharing your trips on PathWrangler today!  Please contact us if you have any questions.

We’ll be sending out more details around these exciting new features from some of trips and users that we find particularly inspiring.  If you want to submit a trip, contact and share it with us and we’ll put it up on our blog!

Morocco: Venturing Past Camels, Souks and Snake Charmers

Tucked away in North Africa is the exotic destination of Morocco.  It is best known for its imperial cities like Marrakech, Fez, the Mediterranean city of Tangier, and of course the famous Casablanca.  A visit to Casablanca wouldn’t be complete without a stop at Rick’s Café, inspired by the original gin joint, for a bit of Bogie nostalgia.  Most travelers are familiar with the aroma of Moroccan food lingering in the air over bustling souks and medinas that sell local goods such as hand-woven rugs, woodworks, slippers, pottery and fabrics, while snake charmers entertain nearby.

Beyond the walled cities are other well-known areas like the Atlas Mountains, the beaches and the Sahara desert, where camel trekking in the Erg Chebbi on Dromedary camels is something to be experienced.  But amongst the familiar sights are quite a few outdoor distractions to add some spice to what the cities offer.  Morocco is not only a haven for culture it is a desert oasis for the adventurous.

Trekking through the cedar forests and past Berber villages will lead hikers on a non-technical route to the highest peak in North Africa, Jebel Toubkal.  The snow capped summit sits at 13,671 ft. and has a spectacular view of the Atlas Mountain range.  This mountain range has enough varied terrain with its meadows, plateaus and gorges to keep mountain bikers of all levels quite challenged.  With all this natural rock there are several rock climbing areas to explore.

In the middle of the Atlas Mountains runs the Ahansel River that rushes to Bin El Ouidane Lake and is the place to be for some serious whitewater rafting and kayaking.  Travel from the mountains to the coast of the Atlantic and you will find the year-round wind conditions of Essaouira and Agadir ideal for kiteboarding and surfing.

Get on your boots, grab some of their deliciously famous mint tea and discovering the more adventurous side of Morocco.

New TARPA Initiative: Real Adventures

One of the elements of travel that we keep hearing from clients and travelers is the need for authenticity.  At PathWrangler, we try to get you as immersed as we possibly can.  However, to be a true adventurer, we not only want to put you into the shoes of the indigenous cultures, we want to put you into the shoes of the pioneers of adventure and exploration.  What did it feel like to be Ernest Shackleton, Marco Polo, Dr Livingstone, Ferdinand Magellan, or Sacagawae?

Head researcher, Mikey Clarke reveals how we can bring your trip to the next level:

On your next adventure, there is an option to take our vitamin anti-pills for an extra bout of authenticity – these anti-pills helpfully leach nutrients from your body to let you experience the pleasures of scurvy, just like the old-time adventurers!  This is for the adventurer who will have none of this plasticky, tourist-trap crap.

Another example of how TARPA is leading the travel industry in research.


Stay tuned for the big PathWrangler announcement (which is certainly NOT a TARPA program).

Rocks Worth Climbing in South America

South America offers great routes for rock climbing.  There are a few spectacular settings south of the equator; ideal spots to hone your spider-like skills, both mentally and physically:

Agulha do Diabo (Brazil)

Not far from Brazil’s famed city of Rio de Janeiro is Serra dos Órgãos National Park and within it lies the 6,725 ft. high Devil’s Needle. Although it is not the tallest peak in the park (Pedra do Sino holds that title at 7,425 ft.), it is an impressive rock formation in the heart of the park and has quite the view at the summit.  It is a challenge even for the most experienced climbers.

Cerro Torre (Patagonia, Argentina)

Stretching to 10,262 ft. in Argentina’s stunning area of Southern Patagonia Ice Field is the erect granite spire known as Cerro Torre.  It is imposing at first sight and is considered to be one of the more difficult mountains to climb and reach the summit due to the mushroom of rim ice that is caused by ever present strong winds.

Las Torres (Torres del Paine National Park, Patagonia, Chile)

The vertical jagged peaks of The Three Towers in the Torres del Paine National Park of Chile vary in height from 7,415 ft. to 8,204 ft. and command breathtaking views of the mountains of the Paine massif and the valleys below.  There are other rock climbs in the Park, but these are the most popular.

Mount Roraima (Venezuela, Brazil, Guyana)

It has been said that Mount Roraima was the inspiration for the novel The Lost World.  This mammoth tepuis mountain rises high into the clouds to 9,219 ft.  This archaic geological sandstone rock formation borders Venezuela, Brazil and Guyana with high sheer cliffs and has a tropical ecosystem consisting of waterfalls, misty forests, gorges and unique flora and fauna that can only be found here.

Guide Promotion: Free Setup and Best Practices Training ($300 value) – Until July 31st Only!

Guides are the engines that run the adventure travel and outdoor industry.  Being able to share your passion with willing customers and enthusiasts make guiding incredibly rewarding, but it also brings business and professional challenges with it.

PathWrangler is an industry-first web application that empowers guides interact with the clients and run their business better than ever before.  The trips you run can now look like this:

Why Guides Love PathWrangler

Let’s let one of our clients, guide and owner of Inner Passage, Matt Walker, talk about how PathWrangler is making a difference for his company:

“When a guest registers for an Inner Passage adventure we begin an exchange of emails containing word docs, pdfs, and logistical details. I have always wanted to support our guests with a centralized place that they can refer to the necessary information, purchase equipment needed for their trip, and interact directly with Inner Passage staff for support. I am thrilled that PathWrangler will be an aspect of all of our programs from March 2012 forward – it will be a central point of interaction between Inner Passage and our guests following their enrollment in an adventure….not only do they share our vision for bringing adventure into the forefront of our lives, but their product integrates a seamless design that decreases some of the barriers that we all encounter while planning and putting together an adventure. I can think of no better solution!”

Here is what PathWrangler empowers guides to:

  • Save time with preconfigured trip templates for simple trip creation
  • Improve service to clients with intuitive & interactive collaboration tools
  • Maximize efficiency through unified & single point communication
  • Increase customization & tailored trips capability
  • Retain & Attract new customers/members
  • Competitive Advantage vs competitors who run trips using flat files & generic project management tools
  • Expand capacity with less time spent in the office, more time with your clients/members on trips

It can work for you whether you are an independent guide with your own business or if you are employed by a larger company.

This month, PathWrangler is offering guides free setup along with best practices training ($300 value) with any paid account subscription.  Contact us at to get started today.

Summit rotation 094 (800x450)

Eric Remza: Final Post: Mt Everest 2012

Sunrise over the summit of Everest

Overcast skies with moisture beckoning to be set free, vegetation ripe with the aroma of Spring in Emerald City commonly known as Seattle; a populous that call this land home. From the shores of Puget Sound to the Cascadian mountains that silhouette the horizon, it is a awesome to be back in one of the communities in which I have rooted myself.  Every time that I return from an adventure across the deep oceans and faraway continents to the mythical lands and cultures of my dreams, something changes deep within.  It is a transformational change of extending out into ones comfort zone into the existential uncertainty of life.

Everest 2012 was unique in its own way, a pilgrimage of many, with a common purpose of setting ones foot upon the highest point of Terra Firma.  The allure of this mountain is saturated in the minds eye of the human condition; a conquer or be conquered dilemma of ambition, persistence and perseverance.  In light of such undertones, the sacredness that is climbing a mountain is a truly magical experience and it is an opportunity that is destined for us all.

It was an honor to be back in the presence of the high Himalaya again; to share this experience with new eyes and to be alive in all that encompasses you in that moment.  What an amazing planet in which we all live, laugh, breath, and love.  Coming home is a true reward and dreaming of the next adventure is a true gift.

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IMG Mt Everest Classic Team on PathWrangler

Just to give everyone a little taste of the PathWrangler experience following the IMG team on their Summit Rotation.  Here’s the trip based on Eric’s reports.

Here’s a the trip zoomed out a bit.

This trip is ultimately a private trip and Eric has given me permission to post some screen shots.  However, if you’d like your next trip to look like this, you should seriously get in there and check things out for yourself.

What is this for exactly?  We help everyone from guides, tour operators, outdoor clubs, expeditions and passionate travelers plan and organizer their trips better than ever before.  Get your own account and start building your trip today!

IMG Classic Team on the Way to Camp 3

Eric Simonson (IMG Partner), updates us that the team left Camp 2 this morning at 3 am and is headed up to Camp 3 on the Lhotse Face. They’re going to hydrate and get ready for a big push to the South Col the next day.

He also has an update on the weather (in brief: the window is open).

Summit Rotation Begins Tomorrow: (Eric Remza – Mt Everest Update)

As I lay here in the comforts of my tent here at Everest Base, my body relaxed, my stomach full and my mind at ease…the underlying truth is that I am beginning to embark on a mental, physical and also a spiritual pilgrimage to the highest point of Terra Frima on planet Earth.

Tomorrow, in the early morning hours, we will yet again make our way through the labyrinth of ice which is the Khumbu Ice Fall.  We will then find ourselves in the heart of the Western Cwm, the gigantic valley that is guarded by the “big three”, Nuptse, Lhotse, and of course Chomolungma, Sagarmartha, aka Mount Everest.  After arriving at Camp 2 and having had ascended 4,000 vertical feet, we will again rest our heads and ease our our aching bodies into a slumber for the next 36 hours as we allow ourselves to again become acquainted with life at 21,500 ft above sea level.

If all goes as planned we will then disembark for our Camp 3 which is at an elevation of 24,000 ft, spend the night and hopefully awaken to a calm morning on the 25th for our move up to our high camp at the South Col.  We hope to get to the South Col (26,000 ft) early enough to rest before our final summit push which hopefully (weather and health dependent) will be for the 26th.

Climbing Mount Everest is a full value experience and will take everything we have mentally and physically to endure this next week.  One step at a time, one day at a time…to enjoy each moment and to become one with everything…I am happy to have this opportunity once again.  Much thanks to existence and my path and thank you for following along!