Turn Your Trips Into Sharable Selfies

If you could turn your Trips into a giant group selfie of Jennifer Lawrence, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper would you?  Selfies have been around much longer than this year, but the term has become ubiquitous and even grandma is getting into the game (mine just sent me a Selfie from the Prune Juice & Euchre Meetup in Arizona).
Some may see this as evidence that the Selfie has jumped the shark.  Au contraire.  The reason for its popularity is not about providing an all you can eat buffet for our narcissism.  The Selfie is a way for the taker to look at their viewers and directly engage us in joy and fellowship; it’s an invitation to share in a moment.
Tour Operators have a difficult task.  Your product is an intangible good: an experience.  Somehow you need to sell this good in the digital world.  PathWrangler turns your intangible experiences into digital goods.
– Collaboration (Increase Conversion & Word of Mouth Business) – Who on earth enjoys interacting with their email inbox?  Email was fun for about 10 minutes in 1993 when my email address was 298472347824749@compuserve.com.  Now it is nuisance that we have to manage.  PathWrangler turns your customers into active participants during the sales, booking and preparation phases of the trip.  Not only is a place to collaborate and interact with you, it was way for your clients to explore and dream about their trip on their own trip.
– Individualized Storytelling –  there’s no better joy than sitting around the campfire after a great trip, recanting your adventures with your fellow travellers.  PathWrangler offers map-based photo-sharing, simple-engaging story telling and social media integration.  Keep juicy details within the group or share them with the world.  Let your clients tell their stories in their own way that is unique to them.
PathWrangler captures the spirit of the Selfie for your all of your Trips.  It invites others in, inspires them and after they leave from their trips, not only gives them something personal to reflect on forever, it allows them to inspire others in their own way.  That’s your business and you’ll get more of it using us.  Even better news is that your membership with the ATTA gives you a 15% discount on PathWrangler.  Sign-up now to start growing your business with a free trial today.  Getting started is easy.  However, we do like to connect personally with you, so please contact me directly at doug@pathwrangler.com and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have in getting set up.

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