Month: March 2012

Alaska’s Grizzlies: From Kodiak to Katmai Webinar

Observing bears in their natural environment is special and one of the best places to watch them is in the Katmai Peninsula and Kodiak Island areas of Alaska.  This is home to massive Grizzlies and Kodiak bears.  It’s here that they can be seen catching salmon out of the local rivers, searching for clams on the beach or just roaming around the breathtaking wilderness landscape.

Natural Habitat is hosting a free webinar on Monday, April 2, 12:00 pm PST.  Brad Josephs, an Expedition Leader, will lead you on this virtual journey and get you closer to these brown bears.  Register here.

The Wall of Gengis Khan is Part of the Great Wall of China

Part of China’s Great Wall has been discovered outside of its borders in Mongolia’s Gobi Desert.  With the help of other Great Wall researchers, Google Earth and GPS, William Lindesay, a British explorer, uncovered this 62-mile long section of the wall that has been lost for 1,000 years and thought to be the wall of Gengis Khan.

I have been looking at this area since 1997, when a friend gave me a copy of an atlas showing the red lines of Genghis Khan’s attacks and counter-attacks, and underneath those are the strands of wall.  – William Lindesay

The Telegraph article explains more about the findings of this wall that is made of mainly of dirt and shrubs and spans a height anywhere from shin level to shoulder level.

Since the Great Wall of China is comprised of different types of structures and routes created by many Chinese dynasties, the Ming Dynasty built over 4,000 miles of it, this is the first part to be located beyond China’s borders.

PathWrangler Launch: Official Press Release

PathWrangler is proud to announce our official product launch.

Simply put PathWrangler makes building and storing experiences easier than ever before.

Let’s face it, planning an adventure trip or an outdoor excursion is like herding cats. It is maddening to get everyone and everything prepared. We’ve built a collaborative web tool that makes trip planning not only easy, but fun. The goal is empower you so that your only limitation is your imagination and sense of wonder. It is used just as easily by professional guides running recurring expeditions to the Himalayas to just a handful of avid outdoor enthusiasts planning their next hiking trip in Yosemite.

We take the conversation that normally occurs over emails, spreadsheets, PDFs, Word Docs, etc and puts it into a central place where your team/group interacts with each other from a single version of the truth. It is interactive, dynamic and a way to get everyone involved. After your trip, all that hard work turns into a wonderful trip report that stores those memories.

Who is giving us love for what we created for them?

Guides and Adventure Operators love us because we make their businesses run better. We significantly cut down on their office work and help them to build deeper bonds with their clients prior to the trip. Customization, trip changes, queries from customers, eye-candy quality presentation of trip itineraries, recommended gear fulfillment, packing lists, logistical support and sharing “beta” or information with other guides is not the daunting task it once was.

Travelers and Outdoor Enthusiasts love us because we provide a great way for them to interact with their adventure providers on their trips. There is always a conversation from the time a traveler signs up for a trip to the time they are ready to leave. We make that conversation easy and way more fun. We also provide them a way to organize their non-commercial trips with friends and family as well. It is far easier to herd the cats get everyone organized and out exploring.


Chad, a client on an expedition in Nepal: “PathWrangler was a terrific tool for our group in preparing for an expedition to Nepal this year. Having the capability to have our itinerary, gear list, and discussion boards all in one place made the planning and packing process much easier than constantly changing lists and e-mail chains that we are used to when planning these trips. Being able to access all the information in one place made packing and gear checks simple and easy. In addition, being able to buy gear straight from the site made getting last minute gear items and supplies much easier. I would recommend PathWrangler for any group, whether you are going on a month long international expedition, or a weekend hike in the mountains. It’s a great tool.”


PathWrangler has loftier goals.  We seek to open the world through collaboration and make it more accessible to people that want to explore it in a personal way.

EXPRESSION Individuals seek adventures and pursue activities that express themselves in a unique way. We aim to provide the best platform so that they can do so.

EMPOWER We seek to provide the best way for anyone from large companies, individual guides, small operators, local partners, outfitters, professional adventurers and weekend warriors to collaborate with each other in a deeper and more meaningful way than ever before. We aim to empower businesses to operate better and develop deeper relationships with their clients and partners. We empower individuals to apply their valuable time on their adventures by making collaboration more meaningful and relevant to them.

SUSTAINABILITY Local entrepreneurs who’ve built adventure companies around the world are a unique bunch. We aim to give them an economical way to support and improve their local businesses so they can provide a source of employment in their area of influence, while also encouraging sustainable behaviors on the part of local people and travelers.


For more further details, contact us at or go to for continuous updates.

PathWrangler is Live!

Pathwrangler is now live!  After several months in private beta, we are opening our product up to the public.

PathWrangler is an industry first: a way to build, collaborate and memorialize all your adventures.  It is the premier experience for building and storing memories.

During our short Beta period, PathWrangler was used to help people get to all 7 continents, the highest point on earth (Summit of Mount Everest), the lowest point in the United States (Death Valley), Namibian Safaris, the jungles of New Guinea and Brazil, through the glaciers of Patagonia, the ruins of the Aztecs and Mayans in Mexico, the ski huts of France and Switzerland, through the mountains of Scotland, across Siberia and to the top of the Sierras.

This doesn’t mean that we are done!  We’re continually adding a new features to PathWrangler in the upcoming months based on user feedback and hope you’ll continue to give us even more as we make the experience even better for you.

On a personal note, this labor of love is just the beginning for us, but the story of us getting here has been quite the adventure in itself.  There have been many difficult bumps in the road that we’ve overcome and it is testament to our indefatigable team who stuck together and rose up to each roadblock along the way.  I believe the passion, dedication and sweat that it took to get passed these roadblocks is built right into the 1’s and 0’s of this application.  I couldn’t ask for better crew of people: Mikey, Eric, DG, Brad, Neal and Angelique, you guys are the greatest.

Why are you still reading this?  We’re live!  Get out of here and start building your adventures today!




Zipping Down The Best Cables In The World

Imagine the adrenaline rush you could get from zipping through the air, high above the ground at speeds of up to 100 mph.  Secured to a metal cable by only a harness and a helmet for safety, this simple activity has grown in popularity with some of the best cables located in great scenic spots around the world.

Sun City | South Africa
Unreal Zipslide 2000 gets tandem riders up to speeds of 100 mph for over a mile at a height of 918 ft., making this line the fastest and longest in the world.

Monteverde | Costa Rica
Rising above 200 ft. and with a length of over a mile zip liners are treated to views of volcanoes and rain forests.  Sky Trek and Selvatura can give you the best ride.  Wildlife like toucans and monkeys can be experienced as well as night tours where nocturnal animals come out to play and erupting volcanoes are more dramatic.

Grouse Mountain | British Columbia
A five-line circuit covering the awe-inspiring scenery of both Grouse Mountain and Dam Mountain hovers about 200 ft. from the ground and will take two hours to complete.

Aberfoyle | Scotland
At 150 ft. above and a length of 1312 ft. one can zoom over a 90 ft. waterfall and take in the gorgeous mountain scenery that surrounds the wooded forest below.  GoApe can get you flying like a monkey through these trees in no time.

Hoonah Icy Strait Point | Alaska
ZipRider has several locations throughout the U.S., but the one in Hoonah has a 5,330 ft. long zip line that goes over a deep forest as the view of the water rushes by at 60 mph.  It takes just under two minutes to complete the 1,320 ft. vertical drop.

Orocovis | Puerto Rico
The dense rain forest canopy and suspension bridges make up the setting for this platform to platform adventure offered by Toro Verde.  With speeds up to 60 mph and a length of 4,745 ft., flying 300 ft. above ground never felt so exhilarating.

What a thrill to soar through the sky on long cables with the greatest of speed. Not only does zip lining have the advantage of a bird’s eye view of picturesque landscapes, but also the enjoyment of just being above it all.

Coming Soon: Public Launch of PathWrangler

It’s coming soon: public launch of PathWrangler!  You’ll be able to join our first users and experience the heights Mt Everest, remoteness of Namibian safaris, burning incense of the Tibetan Monestaries and the sound of ice breaking under your crampon on the glaciers of Patagonia very shortly. More details will emerge throughout the week as we get ready to deliver to you the ultimate in adventure travel technology.

Wildlife and Adventures on the Galápagos Archipelago Using PathWrangler

Screen shot of Galápagos Islands Itinerary mapped out in Pathwrangler.

600 miles off the coast of Ecuador’s mainland is the remote Galápagos Archipelago.  Over 30 islands and dozens of islets with white sandy beaches make up this national park. It is home to such species as giant tortoise, sea and land iguanas, birds and over 400 types of fish.

Made famous by Charles Darwin, this part of the world still has wildlife thriving on the islands, flying above them and swimming in the waters around them.  There are limitless chances to observe some of the earth’s most unique animal species in their natural habitat as well as rare flora and fauna.

The adventures available in these enchanted islands can all be made into reality by using PathWrangler.

Screenshot of the ease of building a Galápagos Islands trip in PathWrangler.

Baltra Island (South Seymour) and North Island The entry point to the Galápagos Islands. Baltra is dry and flat and North Island has a rocky coastline consisting of white coral and black lava rocks.
Wildlife: Blue-footed boobies, frigite birds, sea lions, pacific green sea turtles, hammerhead sharks
Adventures: hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving

Bartolome Island– A barren island known for its needle shaped lava formation called Pinnacle Rock. The underwater rock formations make it ideal for snorkeling.
Wildlife: Green sea turtles and Galápagos penguins
Adventures: hiking, snorkeling

Española Island– The oldest and most remote island in the chain. Due to this seclusion the wildlife adapted to the environment and marine iguanas are the only ones that change color during the breeding season.
Wildlife: Waved Albatross, blue-footed boobies, red-billed tropic birds, masked boobies, Galápagos hawks, marine iguanas
Adventures: snorkeling

Fernandina Island– Still an active volcanic island it is the youngest and being the furthest out, it is also the least visited.
Wildlife: Galápagos hawks, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions, cormorants
Adventures: hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving

Floreana Island– Long before tourists landed on the greenish tinged beach made of olivine crystals this extinct volcanic island was visited by whalers and pirates.  The native flora is in great quantity due to the rich soil that developed from the eroding volcano.
Wildlife: Boobies, Galápagos penguins, sea lions, flamingos, sea turtles, Galápagos sharks, hammer head sharks, stingrays and tree finches
Adventures: hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving

Genovesa Island– Shrouded in fog with a rocky coastline this island is known as the bird island.
Wildlife: red-footed boobies, frigate birds, storm petrels, tropic birds, sea lions, hammerhead sharks, short-eared owls
Adventures: hiking, snorkeling, scuba diving

Isabela Island– The largest of the islands is over a million years old and is shaped like a seahorse.  It’s the only one to have the equator run across it.
Wildlife: Batfish, octopus, Galápagos sharks, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, stingrays, sea turtles, flamingos, Alcedo tortoise, boobies
Adventures: surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving

Marchena Island– Due to its sensitive ecosystem this island is off limits to visitors, but has good diving sites around it.
Wildlife: variety of sea life
Adventures: scuba diving

San Cristobal Island– This well developed island is named in honor of Christopher Columbus, is the capitol of the Galápagos and has El Junco, the only fresh water lagoon in the archipelego.
Wildlife: Batfish, octopus, Galápagos sharks, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, stingrays, sea turtles, flamingos, Alcedo tortoise, boobies.
Adventures: surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, hiking mountain bike

Santa Cruz Island– Not only does this island have a large tortoise population, but Charles Darwin’s research station is located here as well.
Wildlife: Batfish, octopus, Galápagos sharks, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, stingrays, sea turtles, flamingos, Alcedo tortoise, boobies
Adventures: hiking, camping, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, windsurfing, kayaking

Santiago Island– Lacking in shade and covered in mostly black rock, it tends to get hotter than the other islands. Feral goats have turned this once vegetation rich terrain into a barren landscape.  Back in the 17th and 18th centuries it was a popular place for pirates to stash their booty.
Wildlife: Batfish, octopus, Galápagos sharks, cormorants, Galápagos penguins, marine iguanas, rays, sea turtles, flamingos, Alcedo tortoise, boobies
Adventures: surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving

The following Ecuador based cruise companies can get you to these islands to interact with the wildlife and experience the adventures.

With PathWrangler’s itineraries and maps you can effortlessly plan your Galápagos Island cruise to as many islands as you like.  Then share these itineraries and trip planning updates with your travel companions.

There are so many islands and creatures to explore that the time spent here could be endless.  The Galápagos are probably on every traveler’s bucket list.  I know they’re on mine.